What is the soul value of your work?

How do I describe the influence MM has had on my transformation into an authentic therapist and healer? MM has been a mentor and a personal guide, that has taught me how to genuinely touch my clients in a healing way.                 


JG, NCMT, MGM Spa - Las Vegas


when you help others, you also help yourself.

MM has helped me immensely in the way I approach my massages, and also in my technique. I feel that through MM teachings and special attentiveness to me the student, I am a more confident and passionate therapist.


TC, NCMT, Body and Soul - Myrtle Beach


Does your work have value for your soul?

I'd been practicing massage for 13 years, and was getting burnt out. Besides massage, I was juggling another job in order to make ends meet. MM knew how to handle my delicate situation by sharing priceless information that helped me build my clientele. I am forever grateful!


RD, MT, independent contractor - CA